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A Basic Tutorial About Search Engine Marketing

Basic Tutorial

A Basic Tutorial About Search Engine Marketing : Search Engine Marketing is similar to online marketing. The only difference between the two concepts are the fact that search engine marketing makes it easier. Also for your niche to find your website on Google and all the other search engines on the internet.

Search engine marketing is made possible through three methods, namely:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2. Paid placements such as Google AdWords

3. Attracting in bound links through article marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Basic Tutorial : With regards to search engine optimization it’s important to pay attention to certain factors. These factors will assist Google to identify what your website is all about.

The most important factor to pay attention to:

1. Make sure that each page on your website has its own page title

2. Similar to your page title, make sure that each of your webpages has its own page description. In order to provide Google with additional information about your website

3. When constructing your website make sure that your URL contains a keyword . Keyword would describe to Google what your website is about.

4. The content on your website is one of the key factors when doing search engine optimization. Your content should have well-constructed headings. Your images should be tagged and last but not least make sure that the links within your content.

Google AdWords

Basic Tutorial  : This is an advertising product offered by Google to assist website owners to get more traffic to their websites. These website owners are able to create their own campaign on Google AdWords with certain keywords that relates to their websites. Each time someone licks on that particular advertisement, which you created through Google AdWords, you have to pay a small fee to Google for directing traffic to your website. This form of advertisement is ideal for newly established websites in order to boost traffic to that particular site.

Through the usage of Google AdWords you are also able to identify which of your keywords are performing the best in the Google search results. Once you have identified which of your keywords are performing the best you can then cancel your Google AdWords account and start integrating those keywords into your website. Another way of generating a list of keywords for your website would be by entering your websites URL into the sktool in Google. This search based keyword tool will come up with a list of keywords based on pairing the content on your website with actual search results.

Article Marketing

This form of Online Marketing is fairly simple and easy to benefit from. One of the main reasons for Search Engine Marketing is to get incoming links to your website from high ranking websites and one manner in which you are able to achieve this is by submitting good quality articles, with your link in the content, to article websites such as Ezine. Another benefit of submitting articles on Ezine is the fact that whenever someone wishes to place your article on their website or blog they have to place it as is with all the links intact. When this happens you will have another incoming link to your website from an additional website.