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Adding Great Audio to Your Website


Adding great audio to your website is very easy, and could make a huge difference in your website’s success.

There are a few things you must know before adding sound or recorded information to your website.

First; Recorded messages can be very annoying for your visitors when arriving on your site if the sound is loud or unwanted. Make sure you give an option to here the message by providing sound buttons for the recorded messages. This way, it gives the visitor a choice to hear the message or not. In most cases, if the visitor wants more information, they will almost always click the sound activation button to hear the recorded message.

Adding audio to your site can add to your website by providing extra information in the form of a recorded message. Most people would rather watch a video or listen to an offer from a recorded message than they would want to read the sale’s page. That is why it is always best to give both options. It is also a proven fact that adding audio to your website can actually increase your conversion rates. This is very important because it means more sales, and more success for your website.

There is a lot of recording software available to use to record your messages. Most of the newer visions have gone to a MP3 format because it is easy to use, it can be downloaded, and it sound very clear. Some of the older versions sound terrible with cracking and other distracting sounds. A bad sounding message can really hurt your website and give a bad impression; however, a great sound can increase your sales.

When recording your messages, you will want them to sound great; therefore, do not purchase a cheap USB mic for your recordings. Instead, you should invest in a great sounding mic, which will cost around a hundred dollars or more. You can find great USB mics around one hundred thirty dollars that will not only sound great, but will give you many other options as well. By making this extra purchase, you will also have a product that will last.

Some people do not like the way their voice sounds when it is recorded. Do not let this keep you from adding audio to your site. You can either record the message with your own voice, or outsource this task. Finding someone for this task can be very easy to accomplish. You can either find someone online, or use a friend for this task. It is a quick solution to getting the job done with not much effort on your part.

Adding great audio to your site can make your site appear more professional, giving you increased sales. If you are not using audio on your site, you should start using it today.