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Avoiding SEO Mistakes

SEO Mistakes

Those who work within the realm of SEO are familiar with the common issues which continuously rear their ugly heads. The good news is that many of these mistakes can be avoided. Avoiding them is a crucial aspect to your website’s success, as mistakes not only do damage to your credibility, but they also create legal issues. So how can you take the necessary steps to ensure that your site is not making these mistakes? The first step you should take is recognition, followed by taking measures to rectify the problems you face. Proper implementation and use of meta tags is the first issue which should be explored.

The formatting of title tags and meta descriptions is something that you should pay very close attention to. Understanding the purpose of these tags and how they are written is a critical aspect of avoiding SEO mistakes. The title tag is your main link that takes people from search engines to your site. Your title tag needs to have keywords which provide clarity regarding what your site is about, or what the site provides. It should reflect upon your page’s content so that the search engine can properly index your web pages. Providing an unclear or confusing title tag only serves to steer people in directions opposite that of your web site. Take out cute catch phrases or words with double meanings to help you to avoid this all-too common issue.

Perhaps you are familiar with the dreaded 404 error. 404 errors imply that there are problems with your website’s pages, and these will quickly be recognized by major search engines provided by Yahoo and Google. These error messages occur when old web pages are no longer used, yet still have links pointing to them. You need to create links which direct visitors to new versions of these pages, or to other legitimately-working webpages within the context of your website. One extremely useful tool to help you solve this SEO mistake is called Google Webmaster Tools. It helps you to quickly check for 404 issues by highlighting the pages which are not found when certain links are clicked. As a result, you can quickly pinpoint the root of the problem, and then take steps to eliminate it.

Duplicate content is a common issue for many website owners. People experience duplicate content for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons has to do with not having enough time to create unique content for each page of a website. Copying and pasting content from one page to another, or worse, copying and pasting content from another website to that of your own opens the door to legal issues. If you’re concerned about having duplicate content on a website which contains many pages, simply use a tool called Copyscape. This can help you locate the duplicate content so that you can change it. ignoring duplicate content issues can lead to certain pages being ignored during search engine results.

Many SEO Mistakes such as these and others can be avoided if you’re careful about your website development from day one. Purposeful mistakes, such as spamming or providing duplicate content with the hope of increasing search result rankings, is a disaster waiting to happen. These types of mistakes are the hardest ones to rectify because they not only cause problems to the functionality of your site, but they also cause issues to your site’s credibility. Take care of any SEO mistakes as quickly as possible so that you can make sure your website remains legitimate.