Web3 Good Social Networking Could Twitter Be Getting a Redesign?

Could Twitter Be Getting a Redesign?


It’s barely been a few weeks since Twitter redesigned its site, and now it would seem that the changes are far from over.

Amid reports of modest user growth, Twitter has been looking to increase its attraction to users who have not yet joined. While its reliance on reverse chronological texts has made it the giant microblogging site that we all love, this, it would seem, is insufficient to fuel its growth in a world that consumes a lot of digital media. Power users might frown on the new probable emphasis on images, but it’s likely to work out in the end.

The Change

Popular blog Mashable was the first to report about the likely change. According to one of its feature’s editors, the real estate dedicated to the cover photo has been increased from the normal 1252 x 626 to the larger 1500 x 500 pixels. Profile statistics such as tweets and followers are placed below it. The profile photo as well as the bio has been moved to the left side. These changes are somewhat reminiscent of Facebook and Google+. Tweets also appear as grids, instead of the vertical timeline that is, in all honesty, sometimes a little frustrating.

All this is however still in the testing stages. There is no reason to think that it will truly take off if it is demonstrated to have a positive receivership. Twitter likes to try out new ideas by testing them on different pages to see how the reaction would be. Your particular page might or might not be part of the test. If it is, you might consider changing your photos so they conform to the new resolutions set. It remains to be seen whether these changes will truly take off and be a permanent part of the site.

This profile page redesign is perhaps inspired by the need to engage new followers. Twitter’s minimalism and reliance on text posts have been the reason why so many people network on the site. But with a bubbling desire to access big photos and profile pictures might just be the next hand that needs to be played. It certainly makes following different personalities much easier.

Twitter has remained silent on this redesign, perhaps indicating that it’s still a thought under process. Despite borrowing heavily from the aforementioned sites, it looks desirable enough, and any user would quickly grow to like it if it is made permanent.