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How To Make Your Website Content More Distinctive

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How To Make Your Website Content More Distinctive :

Creating good content is not actually something that is hard if you do it correctly. Content has a purpose and when you know that purpose, you almost can’t help but create distinctive content.

Brand Your Content

Regardless of where you publish your content, it should be noticeable that it’s yours. Use the same fonts, colors, types of images and so forth throughout your content creation and publishing efforts. Branding goes further than looks too. The tone of voice and values of your brand should show through as well.

Create Content Your Audience Wants

When you take the time to get to know your audience, you’ll have less of a hard time developing and creating the content that your audience really wants. Go to the events they go to. Go to the forums they participate in. Talk to them and listen to them about everything and you’ll know what they want.

Use Your Metrics to Develop Content Ideas

Using analytics to truly know what’s happening based on the data you look at, is an effective way to determine what type of content you’re going to create for your blog, social media, and elsewhere.

Read / Listen to Your Competition

Find your competition and dissect their content. What are they publishing about, when and why? Download their offers; buy something that they sell. This is going to help you get to know your audience better because they buy from your competition.

Research Keywords

Use software like Google or iSpionage.com to perform keyword research. Researching the keywords your competitors are using to get traffic is a great way to develop content that will take some of that traffic.

Develop Audience Personas

Within your audience’s buying cycle, there are a lot of opportunities to create content just for one person based on where they are now. Look at your customers’ buying cycle and develop content for each type of persona that may be in that part of your funnel.

Get to Know Your Customers’ Goals

One way to develop content is to also know what your customers’ goals are, based on how it relates to your products and services. For example, if you sell a “how to” on public speaking, how can you relate that to what your audience needs?

Know Industry Trends

Industry trends are super-important for content creation, because you must stay up to date on new information and technologies that are being developed. You can use anything that comes from your main industry as a starting point for accurate, well-sourced content.

How To Make Your Website Content More Distinctive.