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How to Podcast Simply and Easily

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How to Podcast Simply and Easily : I grew up wanting to be a radio talk show DJ, only problem no one would hire me. Enter the Internet and the world of podcasting, and soon I’d have a worldwide audience.

In today’s hi-tech world making a podcast isn’t complicated, in fact there plenty of software. To help you make a professional podcast quick and easy.  Of course it may seem difficult at first. With each step you take (just like any journey) the road will become clearer.  For the purpose of this article, I’ll presume you have sound recording software. You can download “Audacity” free, it’s quite capable of doing an excellent job. Also providing everything you need to produce your first professional podcast.

AUDACITY: Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sound.  It is an excellent choice for the first time podcaster, and compatible with both Macs and PCs.

Podcasts can be anything from professionally produced shows, to individuals. Such as myself, with a microphone and bits (not that much) of tech know how.  Utilizing iTunes (the standard for podcasts) you can find anything from the latest sports news. Farmers talking about how to milking their cows and (believe me) anything else you care to listen to.

Podcasts are a way of enhancing your presence on the Internet, many of you reading this are perhaps already bloggers. I certainly am, and adding a podcast does not take great technical savvy, just a website (to host the podcast), a microphone, a podcasting subject, then an FTP program to upload your finished MP3 to your website.

NOTE: There are multiple web host specializing in providing server space and bandwidth for your finished podcast.

While no one can predict the future, podcasting is free to create, unless you count your time. Allowing you to become the next Internet podcasting sensation if such is your desire.

When you face the question of “how to podcast”, you’re probably wondering what type of microphone. You need or whether you can use the built in speaker on your PC or MAC. I do suggest you invest in a good quality microphone, preferably one that has the headset and microphone together in one unit, they aren’t that expensive (some for around $10) and can ease your journey as you learn how to podcast.

Once you make your recording you’ll need to save the file as an MP3, standard in today’s world, however you will need a free add-on, if you’re using Audacity.  The link to the add-on is right on their site, just do a web search for Audacity.  At that point it’s as simple as embedding your mp3 in your blog, or uploading the file then letting people know it’s available.  Of course if you desire world-wide acclaim, you’ll need to do learn a little more that the basics of “how to podcast”, since promotion (and sometimes controversy) is the key.

PODCASTING FACT: as recently as 2004 performing a Google search for the term “podcasting” returned only several thousand results, as this article is written there are over 17 million results.

The four elements of how to podcast are…

1.  Plan

2.  Produce

3.  Publish

4.  Promote

Of these, number one and four are the most important, number one, because it’s always wise to plan your subject matter, and number because if no one knows that you’re a podcaster, then no one will be tuning into listen.  Not to worry, there are multiple ways to promote your podcast and the links at the end of this article will provide more complete references.