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Pinterest Online Marketing


Social media management must now get ready for a new member. Pinterest, the new rave in social media, is working its way into the business sector of social media. With Pinterest, users use the “things” they find online to connect with members who share similar interests. It’s a new social media management tool that allows sharing of interesting things with the use of virtual pinboards.

Pinterest is all about finding people who share similar tastes and connecting them to each other. Just like with traditional pinboards, or bulletin boards, Pinterest allows users to share pictures of things they like by “pinning” them up on their boards.

Pinterest gives users a new, creative way to organize and share images of all the great things they come across online. This new social media management network gives online users an enjoyable way to discover inspiring things by browsing other pinboards.

Pinterest for Business Purposes

Businesses have been using social media management to gain more traffic for years now. This traffic helps to improve their chances of getting click-thrus and making online sales. But, as Pinterest becomes more popular, businesses are finding that there are many benefits to this new social network. Here are just some of the business benefits that are making business owners add Pinterest to their online marketing strategies:

  • Many companies have reported that Pinterest now generates almost as much traffic as using Twitter and Facebook alone in their social marketing management. They use it to share pictures of things related to their niche, including their logo. This helps them gain more online brand recognition.
  • Businesses are using Pinterest as an online sales catalog. Its easy-to-use pinning feature allows them to pin-up pictures of products on the virtual pinboard. Then, those images link directly to the product listings on the company’s website. This creates a more enjoyable way for their customers to interact with them, while shopping online.
  • Service companies that don’t sell products using glamorous pictures are finding other creative ways to use Pinterest. For example, HubSpot uses it to promote their logo with a pinboard entitled, “Fun Orange Things.” This pinboard is creating interest among their loyal followers who get a kick out of seeing how creative people are with the color orange.

Increase Traffic to Your Business Website

Overall, the best online marketing approach must include social networking. As the online social world continues to evolve, businesses must keep up with the constant innovations. Social media helps increase traffic to a company’s website. Pinterest, adds a bit of flare to a company’s marketing technique. Content marketing is still the king. But, who doesn’t enjoy to look at some interesting pictures to go along with all the words.