Web3 Good Podcasting Podcasting As a Web Medium – Benefits and Considerations

Podcasting As a Web Medium – Benefits and Considerations


Podcasting As a Web Medium – Benefits and Considerations : Today’s Internet users are getting more and more familiar with the term “podcasting.”

A podcast is an audio file that you can listen to while browsing a site. Usually, podcasts come with a subscription option, whereby you can download the latest updates to computers or MP3 players. Let us check out what exactly a podcast is and all the benefits of podcasting.

How does podcasting work?

One of the specialties of podcasts is that they allow you to listen to what you want as per your convenient time. If you are thinking that podcasts only relate to music, then you are mistaken. Podcasts cover a wide range of topics ranging from programming to health recipes. Some people might think that podcasts can only be heard through iPods. However, the truth is that you don’t need iPods at all. All you need is either an MP3 player or a computer with Internet connection.

Before discussing about benefits of podcasting, let us learn about the technology behind podcasts. Podcasts are syndication of audio files using RSS feeds. Podcasts work in a similar fashion like the RSS feed reader. The difference is that the feed you are subscribing to have an audio file embedded within it.

The benefits of podcasting

From the business point of view, the benefits of podcasting can be extended to several areas. Firstly, you can reach a new section of web audience. People invite new, innovative media to reach them. Audio podcasts also allow people to surf other sites or work with other applications while they listen to it.

Podcasting is being used in the following areas:

  • Self-instructional walking tours offering informational content
  • Brand promotional clips and interviews
  • News coverage
  • How-to-operate training materials etc.
  • Storytelling to the visually challenged children

Building a lasting relationship with the visitors of your site is also one of the benefits of podcasting. Podcasts are your company’s voice. As podcasts are optional, people who feel drawn to them must have genuine interest in your company’s products and services.

By podcasting, you can beam seminars and conferences and portray your level of acceptance far and wide to your clients. You can also podcast your expertise in various fields, showcasing your depth of knowledge and a deep sense of business to your clients. The benefits of podcasting might also extend to bring you greater advertising revenues. If your podcasts become popular, advertisers might queue up before you to buy advertising slots. Podcasting also allow you to respond to customers’ feedback and concerns promptly. This prevents depletion of your customer base in the long run.

How to run a successful podcasting program

So these were the benefits of podcasting; but before going for it, you need to do an assessment of your expectations and circumstances. First, determine your target audience. Will podcasting reach the right customer segment that you are eyeing at? Research shows that males between 34 and 54 constitute about half of the podcasting audience. While going for podcasting, give stress on what you are about to broadcast.

If the content is of some value (say, informational or an insight into your product’s underlying technology or a product demo) to viewers, then only it is likely to be accepted. Lastly, you need to update your podcast periodically. If you want your subscribers to be happy, you need to update that on a regular basis with fresh, insightful content.