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Podcasting How To – How to Survey Your Podcast – Find Out What the People Want

You know the much talked about key to marketing- find out what people want, then give it to ’em Pretty easy huh- well, in theory, yes, and now there are great tools like this available, it has become easier than ever. Read on about how to research your podcast, here come some great suggestions for you.

1. Survey Monkey- If you go to Survey Monkey, you can get a free account there- and you can- as the name would suggest, you can create a survey and ask your public what they want. There is a premium account- as there is normally with these things, but you can get a free one if you like. There are several kinds of questions you can ask the people- questions with a yes or no answer, or multiple choice- so you can be as general or specific as you want. One little trick that I use, that is a bit cute, is do a quiz question for the people, and offer a prize if they get the right answer. Just a bit if fun, but it gets people involved, and they like that!

2. Facebook is another great research tool. So many of us are on the social networks now, we would be a fool not to use it! You can research the groups that people are joining, and see what they are commenting and talking about, and you can interact, that’s why it’s a SOCIAL network. As long as you are willing to be of value and help people out, answer their questions, and give them then info they want, they will not mind interacting with you in this well. A mistake people make on Facebook (or with marketing in general) is to straight in for the sell, without building the relationship first. Yet the importance of relationship building cannot be overstated.

3. Blogs. A lot of the top marketers use blogs, when they are launching a new project, and in fact in general everyday use as well. It is very cool. Why? Because people can give their opinions and comment on what you have written, and it is great feedback, and free market research for you. Not all will agree with you of course, but that is the essence of a great debate of course! Make sure your comments feature is turned on in the blog, and that you have it configured in the way you want.

4. Download the plug in from Max Blog Press- called Psychic Search- this allows you to see what people are typing in the search engines to reach you- pretty good to know, because then you can produce podcasts using that “long tail keyword” as it’s called, and rank highly in the search engines with it! Or even write an article like this!