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Podcasting Secrets

Podcasting Secrets

Podcasting Secrets : Welcome to the new world of Podcasting, where people can record their voices and speak their mind. So what is Podcasting and how can you use it to increase your website effectiveness? First of all, a podcast is simply a recording of a speech made beforehand, with an audio format.

MP3s (Mpeg Layer 3) which is simply an audio file type. There are many different audio file types out there but Mp3s is currently the most widely used online and offline. When a person records an audio, they simply convert it to Mp3 format and upload it to their website. Visitors to that website can download the audio file (podcast) and begin listening to it using their own software. Some websites have a built in function where it displays the player controls so that you don’t need to download the podcast, you can simply listen to it straight off the website.

If you’re thinking of creating a Podcast for your website, a great tool I use on the PC is “Audacity” This free tool enables you to hook up your headphones with a mic and begin recording your audio. It’s very simple to use and easy to apply. Once you finish recording, you can listen to the new recording and trim certain sections if you wish. Once you’re happy with the final recording, you can then save out the file to Mp3 format. Done!

When you have finished creating your podcast and converting it to mp3, you can upload it to your website for the world to enjoy. There are many great podcasts out there, some of my favorites are Steve Pavlina and Yaro Starak.

So how can you use Podcasting as a means to effectively market your website? The power behind podcasting is that it can help you become an authority in your field of work. You position yourself in your industry and many people can connect with you online. Since you can not see your visitor and talk to them, you will need to do everything you can to bridge the gap between you and the visitor.

Podcasting (if created interestingly enough) can be a great form of viral marketing. If you record a super podcast that people MUST share with others and you mention your website link in the podcast, then your podcast will be spread fast… like a virus! Pretty soon, you will get more traffic to your site through the power of podcasting and viral marketing combined!