Post Up


You’re at work and sitting at your desk. You just finished a 90 minute mandatory meeting which you got nothing out of. To top it off, it does not affect your department at all. You’re pissed. You start thinking there’s 90 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back. You are having this internal dialog of all the things you want to tell your boss that is wrong with him. At lunch you mention it to a coworker. They agreed and that gets you even more fired up. Now you’re really upset and you grab a few drinks on the way home to calm down. You’re glad the day is over.

Later that evening you’re surfing social media and noticed that one of your coworkers made a joke about today’s meeting. With a couple of drinks already under your belt, you chime in and release the inner dialog that you had about your boss earlier in the day. You’re typing away and feeling the stress start to fade. It feels so good that you decide to blog about all those annoying people you have in your life. Does this sound like you?

I have been telling my clients for years to Post Up. When it comes to social media, just because everything is fair game, you should remember so are you. Let me use the above mentioned as an example.

A few years ago I was called into a up and coming new business that was growing faster than they should have. They were breaking all kinds of records in their industry and were hiring waves of new employees. I was consulting in the Human Resources and Employee Assistance Program capacity. I was having a hard time finding a qualified candidate for a particular job function. Then later that week a gentleman came in and presented one of the best interviews that I have ever conducted. He was young, hungry, great people skills and had experience. I thought to myself, home run! I told him that there was a 2-3 step interview process, but that was just a formality, and barring anything catastrophic in his background check, I would be offering him a position with this company. Sounds like a happy ending doesn’t it? Read on.

Remember me saying to Post Up? Over the next few days I was monitoring his social media. This amazing candidate who presented so well was bashing his current employee beyond belief. Not just the garden variety this job is terrible. But, statements that were calling out individuals by name, and uncovering industry secrets. I had no choice but to inform him that I could not offer him the position. I could only imagine what would he say should he not be a good fit for the company I was hiring for. I thought about the damage he could cause. Post Up.

Post Up refers to what you are posting on social media. Is it uplifting, or will it bring you down? I wrote about this principle awhile back. I once was in a Board Of Directors meeting when the president said, “you must realize that whenever you send an email, text or letter, you should assume that it is going to end on the front page of the NY Times.” He was speaking of course in terms of liability. But he was right. The minute you hit send, it is no longer yours, and you are subjected to the consequences.

I was watching the news on my lunch break earlier today. I saw where they just had convicted a young teenager for encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide on a social media platform. This young man did in fact kill himself and now she is going to jail for {I believe} First Degree Manslaughter. Two lives ruined over a young childish mistake. With today’s social climate, and the unquenchable thirst for political correctness, has literally made everyone a target.

As I write this article I hope to get you thinking of the term Post Up. I’m not going to get into political correctness and if its good or bad. But, these are very different days when I was growing up. And right now, everyone has an opinion and no one is using a filter. When I was growing up there was no internet to trash or meet someone. We did not have the luxury of job or house hunting at the tips of our fingers. We moved at a very slow pace. Looking back on it all, I can now see what a blessing that it was.

I could literally write a book on this particular subject. So know this. The minute you get online or use your cell phone there is a record of it. We’re probably never going to be able to get around that. However, when you type a message, text or leave a comment, you can control that for the most part. From banks, business’s, coworkers to friends, you should believe that you are being Googled more than you know. What are they going to find?

Post Up! I can not state this enough. Just as they say do not go grocery shopping when you are hungry. Do not write and send a text, email or comment online when angry. Posting on the web is like writing in ink. And in most cases it will be there forever.