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School and College Radio


This article is a quick and simple introduction to school radio and the internet. The set-up and running of a school radio station can be exciting and fun!

It is a great way to bring together school curriculum and technology and to encourage young enterprise.

Radio broadcasting allows children and young people the chance to engage with and participate in their school and the wider community – helping to bolster confidence, language skills, and awareness of current affairs at both local and national level.

Starting out

One of the quickest and easiest ways for a school to have their radio shows broadcast is via podcast.

You can get your first school radio show online by recording your broadcast to computer by using a microphone. You will need audio recording/editing software – this way you can record your radio show and include music and sound effects before saving the finished show as a MP3 file and uploading it to your school website.

To help cut costs in the initial stages of setting up your station, there are a number of open source (free) recording/editing software downloads available online for both PC and Mac applications.

If your school does not have an official website, there are free and commercial school podcasting sites where you can upload your radio broadcasts for download by your audience.


The cost of your school radio station will, of course, depend upon your budget and your school’s individual requirements.

There are a number of school radio installation companies who can supply and set up anything from Radio 1 style studios to portable studios which can be transferred between classes. Prices for supply, installation and set-up for radio equipment range from between £1,500 – £15,000.

However, if you have a couple of media savvy teachers/parents/pupils on board, a simple setup like the one described above can be achieved for as little as £600.

Broadcasting License

At the present time, you do not require a broadcasting licence for school podcasts. However, OFCOM will be looking at licensing web broadcasters at some point in the future. Please bear in mind that if you intend to broadcast on FM or AM, you will need to look into obtaining the relevant broadcasting licence.

Music License & Copyright

If your school radio intends to broadcast anything other than its own written, produced or recorded material then the appropriate music licenses must be applied for from both PPL and the MCPS – PRS Alliance.

In the case of online and mobile broadcasts you should contact the PPL Broadcasting Team and MCPS for the appropriate advice in relation to music licensing and copyright.