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Search Engine Marketing – An Introduction


Search Engine marketing cannot be ignored when speaking about the popularity of a website. The higher the page ranking, the higher is profitability. Thus, to put it in simple words, this promotion strategy implies optimizing your website for Internet search engines. It involves using techniques to promote website visibility and drawing more traffic by boosting page ranks.

Websites were a rarity in earlier days. The cost of designing and setting up a website was the primary reason for the small number of websites. However, since mid-1990s, almost all businesses started considering a website because it soon gained popularity as an important marketing strategy. However, the increasing number of websites added troubles. It necessitated Search Engine Marketing as each website vied for the top spot in the list of search results.

Methods to Implement Search Engine Marketing

There are a variety of ways to promote your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques feature in list. The first SEO technique is keyword research and analysis. It involves building content around commonly searched terms. Keywords are phrases consumers use to locate products and services on the web. You should avoid keyword stuffing. Marketing experts are the best persons to rely on when it comes to choosing high ranking keywords that are relevant to your website and its products. There are free and paid keyword research tools on the web. Along with editing content, one should also edit HTML coding.

The number of back links a site has is another factor that determines how high it ranks. Back links are known as in-links, inbound links and inward links. Internet surfers will generate back links to your blog or web pages created by you only if it contains accurate and valuable content. You can generate back links between web pages. Back-links can also be generated between websites. Popularity based on back-links is measured using major tools or algorithms.

Keyword research and back-links are effective methods to increase the popularity of a site, but the problem is they are slow. Besides, almost all website and blog owners use SEO techniques. This necessitated the use of new, faster, paid methods. The first in this category is paid inclusion. Paid inclusion is also known as sponsored listings. In paid inclusion, a company or business pays the search engine to include its website among the top results. It is shown in the main results area.

Pay-per-click advertising and pay-per-impression advertising are one of the forms of paid inclusion. In this pay-per-click advertising, the company buys advertisements offered by search engines. The most popular pay-per-click advertising schemes are Google AdWords and Bing Ads. The paid advertisements are listed either on the side or the top of the results page. They are not included in the list of main results. As the name suggests the company or business pays the search engine every time a customer clicks on the advertisement.

Search Engine marketing is slowly surpassing other forms of traditional advertising. Keep yourself abreast with the varied search engine marketing techniques and capitalize on its advantages for your business.