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Similarities Between Friendship and Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Two terms that is rarely used together. Where most of us have hundreds of ways to describe friendship, Content marketing to most of us is an alien term. Closely monitor the nature of these two terms and you will see that the basic thing that drives them is a genuine feeling and the way you present yourselves to others. Both of them follow intimacy as the keyword though the level and depth may vary slightly.

Let’s look at what we generally understand when we hear or see these terms.


The best version I have found till now is “I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”

– Helen Keller

My version to describe everything about a friend in a single sentence:

When you know you have someone, someone who will tell you nothing but truth, the one who is likeable for his honesty and someone you choose to follow everywhere, that’s when you have a true friend.

– (I would not mind having my name here at the end!)

Content Marketing –

Content Marketing is the voice of a website that not tells what the company is all about but also gives readers some valuable pieces of writing. Say, a carpet company writes a blog on how to clean your carpets yourself at home.

Or simply, it’s all about marketing your services or products through compelling content.

Simple yet complicated!

Content marketing is not ‘just another job’. It needs an in-depth knowledge and skills about SEO, marketing and market study, a dedication and above all a genuine feeling towards the receiver.

Content marketing is selling your services by providing information, be it genuine or not. But here we are focusing more on how a good content marketing can add a value to companies.

Questions can be raised on how precisely can we relate friendship and content marketing? But let us first find the relation between friendship and a good website.

Let’s take the underlined words from above and sync it with the nature of a good website. The gel between them will help us understand the relation better.

Know – Attention or Awareness

You are aware that there is a website for the services/products that you are looking for in the virtual world.

Tell – Information

This website gives you good and honest information on what you are looking for

Likeable – Desire

The website is desirable. Everything thing is easy and soothing.

Honesty – Trust

Whatever is presented in the website is trustworthy.

Follow – Action

You are ready to take their services

True friend – A good website

Please note: This is not just another website. It is a Good Website.

Now the version becomes:

When you are aware that there is a website, a website that gives only genuine information, the one you desire because you can trust it and you are ready to take action doing business with, that’s when you have a good website.

Yes, we are following the mantra of A I D T A.

How to get this? Give compelling content that is simple yet effective. Give them something that can make them trust you and of course do business with you. However, keep in mind that you do what you say. Saying one thing now and doing something different later can cost you a life time of bad image.

This is how these two terms can be lumped together as a single topic.

General Understanding

From the moment we are born, we need someone to take care of us. A father? A mother? Or both. They are our first best friends.

A person who visits a search engine is like a child. There are many websites that will try to trick it and offer it a hand but he is a smart child and he will first look at how genuinely you have presented your content and only then will take your hand. Again, saying one thing now and doing something different later can cost you a life time of bad image.

No man can survive alone, so does a visitor in the internet. Everybody needs a friend and we sometimes choose our friends according to our needs. Say for example best buddies, a friend from work, imaginary friend or pen pal.

Likewise, a visitor also constantly looks for something that can guide and provide them with what they are looking for. A visitor of a website never forgets to be a human and we human are emotionally driven and mostly dependent on another trusted person whereas other living beings are primarily driven by their instinct. We scan for those keywords that are relevant to our search and then decide if we can depend on that particular website.

We try to make sure that we do not bet on the losing horse. Imagine a friend you trusted and he left you behind. They too want to do business with those companies whose objective is not to give one time ‘bad-service’ and leave them with a bad impression.

Now, imagine you are in a website and apart from regular services they provide you valuable articles and blogs on things that you didn’t know or how to do save money with do it yourself tips. Wouldn’t you be happy?

Exactly, that’s what a good Content Marketing is. Give something valuable to the readers without expecting much in return. Though we want them to click our links! And with proper doorway you will be able to make them click on it. If they do it is an added value, if not be happy that you gave them something useful.