Web3 Good Social Networking Spotselfie Announces Disruptive Technology in Social

Spotselfie Announces Disruptive Technology in Social

Spotland allows for businesses to have a digital twin of the company’s physical location, giving them the power to immerse their brand, marketing, and customers into the new digital world. Based on diameter size, companies are able to purchase metaverse land and hold administrative rights including the name, digital GPS locations and managing the social content and advertising associated with it.

Ray Shingler, Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Development for Spotselfie, said, “We want to help small businesses get back on their feet after the Covid-19 pandemic, by offering them a customized advertising model directly into our social metaverse. Small businesses can now place AR ads at any live event where our users are, including concerts, sports events, entire city blocks, and anywhere around the world. The SAM BusinessPortal gives small businesses the power to compete against large corporations, leveling the advertising playing field with our patented innovative AR technology.”

This feature is now live on the Spotselfie website. From there, businesses are able to begin crafting their advertisements for review and share with the Spotselfie network. Learn more about The SAM Business portal at https://www.spotselfieapp.com/sam-business-portal.html

About Spotselfie:
Spotselfie is an innovative augmented reality powered social metaverse that allows users to post virtual objects, pictures, videos, stickers, and other digital material geotagged to locations around the globe. Created specifically for live social interaction, this patented technology allows other users on the app to view the posted content in AR via their own phones, as they walk throughout the digital landscape simultaneously. Learn more at: https://www.spotselfieapp.com

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