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Talk Radio Podcasts – What to Talk About


Ready to start your own talk radio podcast but feeling stuck about what exactly you’ll talk about? Here are some ideas to create regular content:

Teach Something

Talk , do you have an area of expertise that you can share information on while promoting your products or services? A podcast is a great way to share your expertise with your listeners weekly. Give them useful information but always leave them wanting to know more. This way you will create a drive to continue to tune into your podcasts. While also creating an interest in the products or services you have to sell.

Read Your Book

Are you an author with a book or eBook that you want to promote? A great way to do so is to start a weekly podcast where you share 10-15 minutes from your book and discuss that for your listeners. Of course you’ll want to be careful not to give away your entire book on your podcast but giving your podcast subscribers a great sampling of what you have available will leave them wanting to know more. Make sure with each podcast that you give clear directions on how to buy your book.

Interview Experts

A good way to create expert status yourself is to interview other experts. Not only that, but interviewing experts brings some much needed exposure to your podcast when your experts share the link to your podcast with their audience. Interviews have been and always will be popular. People want to know what others are doing because we can always learn from the experience and mistakes of someone who’s been where we want to be.

Tip of the Week

Another idea is to pick a new topic each week and provide a quick and useful tip. Podcasts don’t have to be long. If you want to do a five minute podcast that’s great or you could do one that’s an hour long, it’s entirely up to you. By providing a tip every week you can keep your listeners engaged and point them towards more resources (ideally your own products or services).


You can also start a podcast that focuses entirely on bringing the most recent news in your industry to your listeners. Add your own comments. People always want to know the latest happenings and how it affects them. Promote your own products or services by offering solutions to the issues that arise out of the most recent news.

So there you have a few ideas for starting your new podcast.