Web3 Good Internet Marketing Targeting Night Owls With Your Ads

Targeting Night Owls With Your Ads

Not all of your potential customers are up all day and asleep at night; hitting the sack can be hard for some, especially during the summer, so they stay up with their mobile devices.

That’s the perfect opportunity to communicate with them as they are most receptive to online information when they have zero distractions.

Did you know the heatwave in July last year resulted in a 19% increase in Internet traffic overnight across the UK, according to The Trade Desk?

The sweltering weather kept people from getting a goodnight’s sleep. Instead of ranting over something they couldn’t control, they turned to the Internet which benefited many eCommerce retailers and marketers.

Brands relevant to education and careers benefited the most from this traffic surge, seeing a sudden increase in their audience by 88% and 95%, respectively.

Family and parenting brands got 90% more ad views, while food and drink ads had a 36% spike.

London’s Internet usage went 49% higher, followed by Manchester (44%), Sheffield (32%), and Nottingham (28%).

You see, a lot of people believe that the best way to beat the scorching weather is by keeping themselves busy even when they’re supposed to be asleep.

A true-blue entrepreneur will see that as an opportunity not to be missed. Still, it’s really up to you.

If you’re bone-tired and would rather sleep, then, by all means, get yourself comfortable in bed. However, don’t be shocked to wake miles behind the competition.

Keep in mind that opportunity waits for no one; it comes to the prompt and agile.

The benefits of weather-based ads

I couldn’t agree more with Sacha Berlik, managing director for EMEA at The Trade Desk, who said external factors such as the weather are often overlooked during the allocation of marketing budget.

Why, nobody forgets social media, leads generation, PPC ads, email campaigns, and whatnot, but practically everyone leaves out the temperature and how it affects the shopping behaviour of their target audience.

When they’re baking in the summer heat and imagining themselves clad in comfy clothes while enjoying the view of a breezy getaway, that’s the time you present them with your targeted ads.

Suppose you’re a fashion retailer, you’ll surely have no trouble disposing your inventory and raking in the green.

Now, let’s say the biting cold of the winter has become too much to bear, what do you think would capture your potential customers’ attention?

Yes, that’s right! An advertisement of products that complement their mood for bundling up, staying indoors, and hosting a movie marathon.

Until summer’s over, better heed Berlik’s advice:

“Heatwaves present the perfect opportunity for brands to engage an inflated audience of bored and frustrated consumers with helpful or inspiring messages – as many people turn to their phones or laptops when high temperatures leave them tossing and turning. I have no doubt that the advertisers that are flexible and set some budget aside to accommodate the unexpected will get the biggest bang for their marketing buck this summer.”