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The Importance of Podcast Transcription

Podcast Transcription

The Importance of Podcast Transcription.

Many podcast owners do not have their podcasts transcribed, due to the value that it brings. Yes, it might cost a little money unless you do it yourself, but the ROI can be very high. There are five main reasons for getting your podcast transcribe.

Podcast Transcription :

First, they are searchable. Generally, podcasts are not searchable, and people can find what you are talking about via just a regular Google search. They can help generate more traffic to your website and more subscribers to your podcast as well. If you don’t get your podcast transcribe, people won’t find you by searching.

Transcripts can also double as content. If you aren’t sure what to put on your blog, you can copy the transcript onto there. It is also a great thing to put into your newsletter, and adds a whole lot of content quickly and easily. After you have a few transcripts, or maybe quite a few, you can then make an eBook out of them. This can directly help you get more revenue. Transcripts also give your podcast a much wider audience. Some people still prefer text, for whatever reason, to audio and/or video. Having a transcript available will allow them to read everything that went on in their mode of preference.

A general rule of thumb is that the more options you give to people, the more people will actually use your product, which, in this case, is your podcast. People might also use the transcript to highlight key moments of it when discussing it on other blogs, so it is really helpful to have. Lastly, you can use the transcript yourself as a reference material. Let’s say you are trying to remember what was said during a previous podcast, but can’t even remember which one it was. If you have an archive of transcripts, you will be able to easily search for the phrase you want, and find out who say it, when it was say, and what was being say before and after that.

As you can see, transcripts really are useful. Basically, if you want to drive more traffic to your site. Gain more listeners or viewers, and make more money, then you should get your podcast transcribed. Everyone might not be doing it, but they should be.