Web3 Good Social Media Types of Social Media and Its Applications in Your Daily Life

Types of Social Media and Its Applications in Your Daily Life

Social media

Social Media is not restricted to just a single purpose being served. It has various purposes and in various ways corresponding to its various types.

Ever since its discovery, Social Media has seen a tremendous growth and evolution in its graph and in some way or the other every development has helped in the most beneficial way and in the advancement of mankind.

As mentioned earlier there are different types of social media prevalent now a day’s and each has a specific use to its name that makes it be worthy to be used and known about.

Here is a list of a few of them:


The social network bonding mostly consists of names like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; these are extensively used by people and at times brands online to get in touch with other people. This kind of a social media network can help a lot in fields like market research, brand awareness, customer service and so on solely with the notion of creating amiable relationships and connections online.


These kinds of social media networking would consist of apps like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube – These kinds however have nothing to do with building relationships or connections, these are solely meant for media sharing that includes photos, videos and live videos. The thin line that separates media sharing networks from social networks is that the media sharing networks are meant only for media whereas the social networks are meant for both connecting with people as well as media sharing.


This type comprises of social media like Reddit, Quora and Digg. People make use of this kind of social media to share any kind of news or discussion on any particular topic or for market research. If all goes well, you can take your market research to another level and even advertise them if you think it to be necessary, but this kind is the best way of market research. Over time, this approach has proved to be really effective.


This type would include pin interest, flip board. This one is to focus on current and trending scenarios and its content and media. The aim is to discover the trending stories, save them and then share it with the rest of the crowd online and discuss about them. This kind of network is a brilliant way to give a way to one’s creativity skills and be an inspirational source of information for those people who are seeking out for them.