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Use Expert Marketing Support To Grow A Local Business

Expert Marketing 

Expert Marketing : Growing a local business is an ongoing challenge. Cash to pay for expert marketing support is always in short supply. Fortunately there are free tools such as Google+. Local available which can be set up in house and can deliver real results.

A Google+ Local listing is effectively a mini website which lists the business contact details. Description of what the business offers, product or service photographs and customer reviews. Crucially, it also links (if a prospect clicks on the listing heading on Google) direct to the main business website.

A claimed and optimize listing is important for one simple reason – it allows the business to be find by prospects. For a local supplier or service. If for example a prospect types in Plumber ‘town’ Google will display a list of up to 7 businesses. Which match that criteria near the top of page 1.

The Google+ local listing is free to claim and set up. The challenge is to ensure your business shows up more often than the competition. There may be 20 or more Plumbers in a particular area of which Google will only choose 7 to display. Nobody outside Google knows how their selection works. Research shows it is possible to develop a listing which has more chance of display than not.

Strangely, the power of Google+ Local, there is less education material on how to set and optimize a Google+ Local business page than may be imagine. YouTube does provide some resources as do some Blogs but most give only a part of the answer. Some more detailed documents are available but they are few and far between.

What is need for marketing education resource that delivers the required information, in easily digested bite size chunks, delivered by expert local marketers who understand Google+ local in detail. One possible route to this information is to hire a local consultant or expert to do the work for you. If the resources are not available to fund this option then the only alternative is the do it yourself approach.

Access to marketing experts who are prepare to share their knowledge for no (or a small) charge is part of the answer. However, access to expert marketing support to help you through the Google+ local setup process and answer any question is even more important. Online resources which offer both of these services for little to no cost are rare but as Google+ Local is so key to growing a local business it is worth the effort to search them out.